A New Start.

I finally said goodbye to my old blog Fanciful Reality, which was mainly for my beauty posts and YouTube videos, in order to focus my blogging solely within this space. I’m concentrating on variety: as someone who doesn’t really have one particular niche to zone in on, I’ll try to keep it more ‘me’, simply blogging whatever subject I feel like. Pretty much how this here blog’s been running so far, but now with the added beauty and YouTube stuff, plus all the new ideas I have. I wanted to consolidate things into one space for a few reasons: 1) so as not to feel overwhelmed with trying to upload regular content onto two blogs and two channels (which we all know I’m crap at, anyway) and 2) not dividing myself up into hobbies or likes/dislikes. I just wanted a space where I put myself out there as a whole person, not just as one facet of myself. I was never such a great beauty blogger, anyhow, and this also helps ease the insecurity I’d been having where I was wanting to compare myself to other beauty bloggers and wanting to be just like them. I will now find it easier to be happiest doing my own thing.

I know I’m not such a regular blogger, but I do want to increase how often I post without giving myself too much to work with. It’s just some fun, after all. As I said, I have a lot of ideas; some may be well received, some poorly, but at this point in time it’s just important that I get content up that I’ve wanted to post without second-guessing myself or feeling like I have to fit into a certain niche or ‘type’ of blogging.

(Edited to add: To complete the aspect of novelty to the blog, I’ve changed the name! I don’t think it’s fair to steal titles from Serj Tankian, anyway šŸ˜‰ I chose Fluffy Owl Feathers because, well, I really love owls! The owl-Athena link is dear to my heart as well, as she is the goddess of wisdom and I am, of course, an ardent classicist. So I hope this will be a nice refresher for me to make this space something I’m passionate about.)

Here’s to a fresh start, then! Until next time,

Sascha x


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