When Escaping the Post-Graduation Funk Seems Nigh Impossible!

Big announcement: I am a liar, guys. A freaking liar. This post might as well be renamed “how to be a coward and flail desperately about your five million future plans that you’ve done absolutely nothing towards accomplishing”. Basically, I have not applied for the courses I promised I would, I didn’t start the Couch to 5k challenge that I promised I would in order to run on behalf of Lupus UK, and I haven’t updated my blogs or YouTube forever. Okay, so the YouTube thing is because I’ve somehow, stupidly, managed to misplace the camera I usually film on, but, and I’m sure everyone’s heard it before, I procrastinated like Hell with everything else.

I guess this could be a lesson on how the real world is difficult. How sometimes plans don’t always fall into place after graduation, how sometimes aspirations are held back for financial reasons (or others). How you can be ready to embark on a new era in your life, but something stops you taking the final plunge. Or perhaps I’m trying to make my cowardice sound profound! But I do think that choosing a career and/or being an adult is pretty difficult; the transition is not always smooth. The Real World is terrifying.

So, does this mean I have yet been unsuccessful in escaping the post-graduate funk? For now, yes; while I am enjoying working where I’m currently for the moment, it is, undoubtedly, unfulfilling in terms of a life goal and ‘career’, and it’s definitely not something I’d like to prolong for too long. By the end of April it will have been a year, and, while I don’t want to say “well, I’ll decide then” in fear I’m simply trying to put it off, I guess then will be the real impetus for trying to sort out my next step. I have to admit to myself that my dreams aren’t going to leap out at me right now, but also that I have to keep progressing on them behind the scenes of what else is going on.

My new agendum should really be “don’t make any promises, either to yourself or to your small blogging audience”, shouldn’t it?


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