Cover Version Tuesday #5

There was no CVC post last week; I somehow simply forgot! I’m not the most reliable blogger, judging by the several faux pas I’ve made already! But I’m not overrun with followers and people desperate to see the next installment, so I only really disappoint my own schedule by forgetting.

This week deals with the song Burning Inside by Ministry, an American industrial metal band. The song was released in 1989 on the album The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste, and is featured on the video game Scarface: The World Is Yours.

The cover in question is that by the heavy metal band Static-X, also from the US, featuring the vocals of Fear Factory’s Burton C. Bell. This version was included on the soundtrack of The Crow: Salvation, the third movie in the Crow franchise, and later on the album Beneath… Between… Beyond…, which is essentially a compilation album full of remixes, B-sides, and covers and demos; this album was released in 2004.

Now for my judgment! I have the cover, but not the original: I’ve never been a huge Ministry fan explicitly, but I do have a few Static-X and Fear Factory songs. I love the cover, of course, but how does it compare to the original? We’re all sometimes naturally biased toward either the band we already know and love, or often toward the version of the song we heard first; that’s the one we’re so accustomed to that any other ‘new’ version, even the original, can sound weird and unusual and ‘fake’, in a way. I wouldn’t say Ministry’s song sounds ‘fake’, but it is weird to me to listen to because I heard the other version first. All that regardless, I have to say that I’m not the biggest fan of the vocals on the Ministry song; the distortion and monotony kind of ruin it for me in comparison to the, well, less monotonous vocals of the cover. The instrumentation too is a lot more exciting on the Static-X record. So I’ll have to give this one to the cover!

What do you guys think? Is Ministry a band whose songs can never be topped? Do Static-X and Bell bring a whole new sound to a ‘boring’ song? Which version do you prefer?

Until next Tuesday,
Sascha x


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