Cover Version Tuesday #4

And the embarrassment begins. I professed at the beginning of my journey into cover version contests that I would be completely honest about which songs I include; I wasn’t going to skip over any songs I own to avoid looking uncool in any way. This was simply because I’m rarely actually embarrassed by things I listen to; sure, I like Spice Girls and 90s dance and the Braveheart soundtrack, and it’s more than nostalgia. I’m not ashamed to admit that, but I’ll admit that I am a little bit of a music elitist in that I’d probably judge you if Nicki Minaj was your all-time favorite music ever in the whole history of music. See, we all like a variety of stuff, but no one likes all songs equally. I tend to judge based on people’s favorites, not their general taste (I don’t go around judging people with fiery eyes and a “THOU SHALT NOT LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER, OKAY?!”, fyi – it’s more just in my own head), but I’m not really one of those people who goes around acting as if their own music is so superior because reasons. Obviously I think what I like is better than what someone else likes; that’s how liking things tends to work.

Anyway, I digress. Possibly to avoid admitting that this week’s song is… umm… do I admit this… the Axel F tune. And if you’ve realized already, I don’t include covers unless I own a cover version, so I confess, I do own a cover. The… Crazy Frog one to be precise. I knoooooow *cue boos from all sides of the gallery* but it’s too damn catchy. And as I tried to explain in the previous paragraph, it’s not my favorite song – nowhere near! – so that’s how I’m trying to justify this. I could have spared myself the embarrassment by simply not including it, but oh no, I have to want to be honest, don’t I? Silly me. Well, I won’t be surprised if this post gets no comments or feedback even if it remains intact for the next 500 million years (maybe except to say “haha, you like Crazy Frog, lol”). (This is the moment where I don’t confess I actually bought the album, because apparently I was the coolest 14 year old ever.) Then again, I might get droves of people insisting the 2000s cartoon character annoying memey thing can’t possibly be superior to the original, and how dare I even suggest such a blasphemous thing?! But I don’t know the general public’s thoughts on an 80s film soundtrack, so we’ll see.

Getting on with things, here’s the original. Maybe I don’t need to explain its background and origin, but then again, there might be some young’uns reading! The Axel F theme was performed by Harold Faltermeyer and appears on the soundtrack for the film Beverly Hills Cop, which was released in 1985.

And of course, the infamous Crazy Frog cover, which I am a little ashamed to say I own and… ahem… enjoy listening to. It was released in 2005. What else to say? It annoys the Hell out of people, usually!

That took a long time to track down – I guess mine isn’t the original or something? I don’t know, but this one here is the one I have – the original says stuff like “This is the Crazy Froooog!” but mine doesn’t – Gods be praised?

I just can’t resist the catchiness of the Crazy Frog one, sorry. If mine had all the “vocals” included that apparently are in the original, it would annoy me too, but some little ‘ring ding ding bem bem’s don’t really bother me enough. I guess it’s just that part of me that can’t resist a techno-style beat. The original’s just so flat in comparison. Annoying meme thingy wins this round!

What do you think? Am I completely crazy for preferring the cover? Am I completely crazy for bravely admitting that I even like this song? Which version do you prefer?

Until next Tuesday,


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