How I would love to see the world from beginning to end.

Usually when I answer the question of what I would wish for if a genie granted me three wishes, it goes along the lines of “unlimited money, teleportation, and to finally master fluency in French and/or many other languages”. Last night, however, I had one of those *slaps head* moments (I cannot decide for the life of me if this is the right way to phrase what I mean: some sort of revelation moment, you know?) where it occurred to me that of course I would want the ability to time travel!

Although I am insanely curious about what the future will have in store for humanity, evolution-wise and definitely technology-wise, I was thinking more about the past. I am a history enthusiast; like anyone, I have certain times and places I like most (Tudor England, Ancient Rome/Greece/Egypt, 18th century Europe in general, and Victorian era England, e.g.), but history in general thrills me. It does. And there are certain aspects of history that it pains me to realize: there’s so much we will never know for sure.

Did Richard III kill the Princes in the Tower? Was Anne Boleyn framed? What was it like to listen to Plato? Was Nero really lazy-eyed and obese? Just how badly did Henry VIII actually smell with the festering ulcers on his legs?! There are so many questions I ask myself regarding certain historical people, and it really is heartbreaking that I’ll never know if Hadrian really was as hot as his statues suggest or if Anne of Cleves was ridiculously ugly.

The desire to experience life in those eras is a very tempting one, but only in the temporary sense; as a young woman, I probably would not fare well in the past! But if I could be a spectator, if I could listen to the preachings of Jesus Christ, and be a fly on the wall during tumultuous, mysterious times whose truth has been lost to discover what really happened, and see what these historical figures genuinely looked like, whether they resemble their portraits or not, oh, if I could have such an opportunity I would be a happy bunny indeed.

So if I ever come across a genie in a lamp, I will remember to neglect to mention my desire to become even more fluent a polyglot and offer myself the chance of a lifetime – or thousands of lifetimes – ensuring that I was armed with camera in order to write the biggest blog post anyone’s ever read!


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