Cover Version Tuesday (2)

Because I’m the most reliable and organized girl you ever did know, I almost forgot to post this week’s Cover Version song until now, when it’s after 9pm and I’m about to wind down for the night (this is me pretending I haven’t spent the whole day ‘winding down’, of course). Because I’m the most reliable and organized girl you ever did know, I posted the wrong song for the first incarnation of the contest, it utterly eluding me that I own songs that start with a number, which does come before ‘A’. So today’s late-night post includes the song that should have been posted instead of the Adias!

I like Nena a bit, in that I have more than one song of hers. Most people know the 99 Red Balloons (99 Luftballons) song. I’m not sure how many people would admit to liking it, on the other hand, never mind owning it. I like and own it, the German original. It was released in 1983 (1984 in the UK) on their (since Nena is a lot like Marilyn Manson and is the name of the band as well as the singer) self-titled album. I have the German one, but I’ll include the English one as well, just so you can hear the version you’re probably more familiar with, and for a more direct comparison to the cover version.




American punk rock band Goldfinger covered the song on their third album Stomping Ground, released in 2000. The song begins in English, but the last verse is sung in (poor) German, which ends up sounding a bit like an Australian accent!


Now, depending on which Nena version I compare the Goldfinger to, my answer changes. If I compare the German original to the Goldfinger, I can’t help but prefer the classic original. I love what Goldfinger have done with the song, though. If I compare the English Nena version with the Goldfinger, the latter comes out on top. The Nena version comes out sounding poorly put together to me – the lines don’t seem to be very well-paced! So there it is: German Nena > Goldfinger > English Nena – that’s how I see it.

I can’t help but laugh at the Goldfinger singer’s German, but I love that he tried!

So which version do you prefer? Is Nena’s song too 80s-sounding for your liking? Do you like the updated punk/ska version? What are your reasons for choosing the version you did?

Join me next week for another ~episode~ of Cover Version Tuesday, when I shall hopefully be a lot more organized and choose the correct song!


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